Brands, PR and April Fool’s Day

April Fool’s Day has presented brands with the opportunities to humanise themselves a little, with even the most serious businesses taking part to show off their sense of humour. Of course this is all driven by their PR department and in a bid to out-do one another, it would appear that April Fool’s Day has … Continue reading Brands, PR and April Fool’s Day


Roll-out the broadband, we’ll have a barrel of laughs

Most of the time I find myself writing about B2B PR or PR in general, as that is more aligned with my day job. However, this week I spotted a great consumer story that I thought worth sharing. Ever-innovative Virgin Media have celebrated the launch the half-way point of their network expansion in East London … Continue reading Roll-out the broadband, we’ll have a barrel of laughs

Formula E: A PR success story in progress

On Saturday 13th September 2014 a revolution began, signifying both the start of a new sport and the greatest ongoing example of PR in the world today. FIA Formula E is an electric racing category tasked with the dual responsibilities of driving the development of new sustainable technologies for the road cars of the future … Continue reading Formula E: A PR success story in progress

Formula 1: A social media crisis

For me Formula 1 is the pinnacle of motorsport – a perfect blend of man and machine, pushing the limits of physics in a way that makes hearts leap into the back of mouths and grown men feel like small children again. That said, F1 is currently the best example of a brand failing to … Continue reading Formula 1: A social media crisis

The P-P-P-Power of the Penguin

The temperature is falling, the nights are growing longer and the ever warming sight of tinsel is fast growing common - Christmas is on the way! As is now tradition, the first flurry of Christmas activity has been marked by the annual John Lewis advert and this year's has not disappointed. Encouraging each of us … Continue reading The P-P-P-Power of the Penguin

Can PR save FIFA?

The Fédération Internationale de Football Association (FIFA) has been embroiled in a number of high profile accusations of scandal in recent years, centring around various questionable World Cup decisions and suggestions of bribery. The manner in which they have managed media coverage has been poor at best and has caused considerable lasting damage to their … Continue reading Can PR save FIFA?

Vini Video Vici – Conquering with video

2014 is undisputedly the year of the video, and research has shown that videos increase people's understanding of a product or service by 74% Forget long-winded blogs or company articles, get the attention of your customers with short, sweet and insightful videos are the key to progress. This is as crucial for sharing the results … Continue reading Vini Video Vici – Conquering with video