Data never sleeps – Social media and data useage today



Using social media to engage with the press

With the time pressures on journalists social media offers a welcome relief for sourcing information, with thousands of sources all sharing potential stories and creating both a textual and photographic narrative of unfolding events. In order to keep your clients in the news agenda and to share your stories, it is essential that all PRs … Continue reading Using social media to engage with the press

PR and Journalism: A symbiotic relationship

Let’s face it, the relationship between PRs and journalists could be considerably better across the board. As the PR industry faces a reputation crisis, it is plainly apparent that our stock is incredibly low with journalists and that this must be a priority for change. Speaking as a former journalist and as a current PR … Continue reading PR and Journalism: A symbiotic relationship

How to win at Twitter

Twitter accounts can become stale fast. In the ever-evolving world of social media, where a single tweet can go global in a matter of minutes, it is essential to keep a business account up to date. While some still think there is a dark magic to social media success, the truth is that it is … Continue reading How to win at Twitter

Education key to agency integration

Somewhat bafflingly, there are many people in the PR industry that disregard social media or view it as a flash-in-the-pan that doesn’t complement traditional public relations. Unfortunately this view is likely to limit their lifespan in PR and act to the detriment of them and their clients. The key to this is education, and it … Continue reading Education key to agency integration

Who needs PR?

A recent article in the Financial Times demonstrated the dim view that many CEOs have of the PR industry, highlighting that they believe PR professionals do little than “provide a bland message” and “add corporate-speak”. The PR industry faces a considerable challenge to its long-term existence and needs to take swift action to prove its … Continue reading Who needs PR?

Promoting creativity

The business community has long held the view that PR professionals only write press releases and add a little spin to corporate messages. Yet, as marketing and advertising firms increasingly offer PR as a service, it is the creativity of the PR industry that can really set it apart from the competition. As we enter … Continue reading Promoting creativity