YouTube at 10

Despite its ubiquity in modern life, it is hard to imagine that YouTube is today only celebrating its 10th birthday. YouTube, which receives in excess of 1 billion views each day, has transcended its purpose as a video sharing platform and is now the second largest search engine in the world, processing around 3 billion … Continue reading YouTube at 10


Social media and the General Election

While we are still some way off using social media to place our votes in General Elections, the platform has become a crucial battleground for political parties. Even Twitter itself has got in on the act, issuing reminders to the public that they must register to vote. But how is Election 2015 playing out on … Continue reading Social media and the General Election

Brands, PR and April Fool’s Day

April Fool’s Day has presented brands with the opportunities to humanise themselves a little, with even the most serious businesses taking part to show off their sense of humour. Of course this is all driven by their PR department and in a bid to out-do one another, it would appear that April Fool’s Day has … Continue reading Brands, PR and April Fool’s Day

The rise of real-time social video

Real-time, socially-enabled video is now a possibility and has the potential to be the biggest technology hit of 2015, with great PR/marketing applications. A live video broadcasting app called Meerkat was launched last month and caused something of a sensation at SXSW with its unique approach, as it is seamlessly integrated into the Twitter stream. … Continue reading The rise of real-time social video

An internet second

"Content is king" is a phrase oft banded around, offering little assistance in how that content should be tailored and where it would best serve its purpose. With social media, apps and on-demand services driving ever-evolving means of consumption, this great infographic from Irish Telecom provides a summary of internet activity each second, and with … Continue reading An internet second

Why Twitter should kill favourites

Today I have something of a gripe to get off my chest about Twitter’s use of ‘favourites’ today – a personal bugbear and a Facebook rip-off feature that I hope they will kill off in the near future. Share and share alike Twitter’s retweet concept was a brilliant one. Create a platform where sharing can … Continue reading Why Twitter should kill favourites

The secret to SEO integration

The role of the PR professional is increasingly blurring, incorporating responsibilities that were traditionally aligned with marketing and advertising to offer a ‘more holistic business consultancy’. Truth is, keeping track of everything you are expected to know can be daunting. None more so than the oft-baffling world of search engine optimisation (SEO). Inextricably linked to … Continue reading The secret to SEO integration