59% of business leaders have experienced a reputation crisis at either their current or previous job. The viral nature of social media carries the potential for a small issue to grow quickly, with customers and stakeholders quickly able to share their experiences, and the press monitoring at every step.

Understanding how to manage a crisis on social media, and use it as an opportunity to build your brand in essential in the current business climate.

About our course

A one-day course discussing the importance of social media in managing crises, equipping you with the skills and knowledge required to make the right calls under pressure to maintain and build your reputation.

  • How crises evolve – both in the press and on social media
  • Managing customer service during a crisis
  • How to monitor and evolve your crisis response
  • What to do when the crisis abates
  • Examples of the good, the bad and the ugly of social media crisis management

Recommended level of experience

A basic understanding of social media networks is advised for this course, due to the specific focus on how to use each platform to manage a reputation crisis. This course will also cover elements of social media analytics and associated tools, so it is recommended that a basic understanding of these skills is present.


The course is priced at €539+VAT for up to 10 participants.