We specialise in offering bespoke social media training and services that help you to unlock the potential of your business and safeguard you in the event of a brand crisis.

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Social Media Beginners Course

A one-day course that will give beginners the tools and knowledge of social media best practice to establish their own channels and to implement successful campaigns for their businesses.

Social Media Advanced Course

A one-day course designed to help businesses take the next step on social media, building their knowledge and implementing strategic approaches to beat the competition and adding distinction to online content.

Social Media Crisis Management

A one-day course discussing the importance of social media in managing crises, equipping you with the skills and knowledge required to make the right calls under pressure to maintain and build your reputation.

Introduction to Social Media & SEO

A half-day course discussing the increasingly important role that social media is playing in driving SEO, and how to harness this to stand out from the competition.

Introduction to Customer Service on Social Media

A half-day course discussing the innovations in customer service on social media that can help to cut costs and improve your business’ public image.

Building a Social Media Strategy

A half-day course that will help you craft a results-drive social media strategy that’s effective, measurable, accountable and contributes to the long-term success of your business.

Workshop: Copywriting for Social Media and Blogs

A one-day course covering how to create compelling social media and blog copy that will engage, drive conversation, encourage sharing and prompt action from your customers.