Is social popularity relevant?

Creating viral content is a near-impossible dream for most brands due to its organic nature, and as such many decide that jumping on the latest craze will bring greater relevance and popularity to their account. However, is this in line with social media best practice or a desperate attempt to seem pertinent? A recent social … Continue reading Is social popularity relevant?


Once its public, its permanent

Some of you may have noticed recently that I changed my approach and linked my blog account with my personal Twitter profile for the first time. If you missed it, hi I'm Tom!I had felt extremely conscious about stating my opinions publicly and, despite reiterating the 'Digital Code of Ethics' to my clients on a … Continue reading Once its public, its permanent

Reputation, reputation, reputation

The PR and communications industry‚Äôs sole focus is on building the reputation of its clients, but is the sector doing enough to promote itself? With the lines between marketing, PR and advertising becoming increasingly blurred, the general public and business community has become progressively uncertain about the parameters and functions of each. While the effects … Continue reading Reputation, reputation, reputation