The rise of real-time social video


Real-time, socially-enabled video is now a possibility and has the potential to be the biggest technology hit of 2015, with great PR/marketing applications.

A live video broadcasting app called Meerkat was launched last month and caused something of a sensation at SXSW with its unique approach, as it is seamlessly integrated into the Twitter stream.

The concept behind the app is create live conversations that take place on Twitter which are driven by the video content. This has great potential for use in PR, not only giving your social audience better access to events but also allowing you to be reactive to their interests and demands.

This could be a major rival to Google Hangouts, which have been held back by the general lack of interest in Google+ as a social platform.

Not one to be outdone, Twitter has just launched a rival, Periscope. Periscope’s launch comes shortly after Twitter controversially blocked Meerkat from accessing its social graph – the means by which the app was helping people find others to watch based on who they were following on Twitter. Periscope, unsurprisingly, faces no such obstacle.

When broadcasts finish they can be made available for replays for up to 24 hours, as well as being saved to the broadcaster’s camera roll. There is also an option to automatically tweet a link to the broadcast when it starts, with viewers able to watch on Twitter’s website or within the Periscope app.

The downside? Both apps are currently only available on iPhones, although it is expected that Android support will be introduced soon.


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