Brands, PR and April Fool’s Day

April Fool’s Day has presented brands with the opportunities to humanise themselves a little, with even the most serious businesses taking part to show off their sense of humour. Of course this is all driven by their PR department and in a bid to out-do one another, it would appear that April Fool’s Day has … Continue reading Brands, PR and April Fool’s Day


The rise of real-time social video

Real-time, socially-enabled video is now a possibility and has the potential to be the biggest technology hit of 2015, with great PR/marketing applications. A live video broadcasting app called Meerkat was launched last month and caused something of a sensation at SXSW with its unique approach, as it is seamlessly integrated into the Twitter stream. … Continue reading The rise of real-time social video

Eclipsing the competition

Interesting approach from Oreo – they are the top promoted trend for today and are looking to topple Jaffa Cake’s crown as the best known eclipse-associated snack with #oreoeclipse One in a long line of promoted and reactive social promotions for Oreo, but with the cost of top promoted tweets starting at £100k it’s a … Continue reading Eclipsing the competition

Is social popularity relevant?

Creating viral content is a near-impossible dream for most brands due to its organic nature, and as such many decide that jumping on the latest craze will bring greater relevance and popularity to their account. However, is this in line with social media best practice or a desperate attempt to seem pertinent? A recent social … Continue reading Is social popularity relevant?

An internet second

"Content is king" is a phrase oft banded around, offering little assistance in how that content should be tailored and where it would best serve its purpose. With social media, apps and on-demand services driving ever-evolving means of consumption, this great infographic from Irish Telecom provides a summary of internet activity each second, and with … Continue reading An internet second

Roll-out the broadband, we’ll have a barrel of laughs

Most of the time I find myself writing about B2B PR or PR in general, as that is more aligned with my day job. However, this week I spotted a great consumer story that I thought worth sharing. Ever-innovative Virgin Media have celebrated the launch the half-way point of their network expansion in East London … Continue reading Roll-out the broadband, we’ll have a barrel of laughs