Twitter announces personalised timelines


Twitter has today announced plans to introduce automatically created timelines for people when they join the services in order to attract those users who are put off by empty news feeds,

The timelines will sources data from your smartphone’s contact list to decide who to help you to follow, utilising new technology to generate longer lists with a more accurate summary of topics that might be of interest.

Twitter hopes that will make the timeline compelling from the beginning, without having to do the work of finding particular people to follow and populate the timeline.

The new service entered limited testing late last week and will be rolled out to users worldwide over the coming months.

This closely follows the platform’s announcement that it will introduce both group direct messages and videos to compete with its main rivals of Facebook and Instagram – find out more about these additions here.

Twitter is yet to reveal how the timeline can be utilised by businesses, but I will be sure to share this as soon as new information comes to light.

Is the timeline a welcome addition or just another gimmick? Share your views in the comment section below


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