Why Twitter should kill favourites

Today I have something of a gripe to get off my chest about Twitter’s use of ‘favourites’ today – a personal bugbear and a Facebook rip-off feature that I hope they will kill off in the near future. Share and share alike Twitter’s retweet concept was a brilliant one. Create a platform where sharing can … Continue reading Why Twitter should kill favourites


Twitter announces personalised timelines

Twitter has today announced plans to introduce automatically created timelines for people when they join the services in order to attract those users who are put off by empty news feeds, The timelines will sources data from your smartphone's contact list to decide who to help you to follow, utilising new technology to generate longer … Continue reading Twitter announces personalised timelines

Formula E: A PR success story in progress

On Saturday 13th September 2014 a revolution began, signifying both the start of a new sport and the greatest ongoing example of PR in the world today. FIA Formula E is an electric racing category tasked with the dual responsibilities of driving the development of new sustainable technologies for the road cars of the future … Continue reading Formula E: A PR success story in progress