Social networks kick off 2015 developments


Today marks the first big push for the major social networks as they strive for domination in 2015. Here’s a quick summary of the latest updates that you need to know:

Twitter – group messaging and mobile video

Not to be outdone by Facebook and Instagram, Twitter has announced today that it is rolling out a group messaging service that allows users to have private conversation, developing on the Direct Messaging service already offered on the platform.

A 30-second video  capability has also been unveiled, allowing users to capture, edit and share videos directly from the Twitter app.

For more info, check out the Telegraph’s handy summary


With over 700 million photo messages shared on the platform each day, the mobile messaging app is a real target for both B2B and B2C marketers/PRs in 2015.

Today they have announced the launch of a new feature, Discover, which will add music and videos to the app. Key to the latest development is the ability to view and share multimedia content from the likes of CNN, EPSN and Warner Music.

Tech Radar reports on the development.


As hacking group Lizard Squad has claimed responsibility for shutting down both Facebook and Instagram, Facbook has announced that it will target its users with personalised video advertising in 2015.

The move comes as the advertising industry questions the value of online ads, and aims to demonstrate that tailored video content could provide greater sales potential than traditional TV adverts.

The FT offers the full story


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