Once its public, its permanent


Some of you may have noticed recently that I changed my approach and linked my blog account with my personal Twitter profile for the first time. If you missed it, hi I’m Tom!

I had felt extremely conscious about stating my opinions publicly and, despite reiterating the ‘Digital Code of Ethics’ to my clients on a regular basis, I couldn’t help feel a little more exposed than when working behind a pseudonym.

This got me to thinking about the very nature of social and digital media. When trying something new for the first time you feel as conscious as a child learning to play the violin – the learning phase is going to be painful, but you don’t necessarily want everyone to hear you getting better.

The row over Google’s Right To Be Forgotten policy is a clear indicator that once something is public, its pretty much permanent.

Playing in public

However, this is where I realised that I was missing the point. Playing with ideas in public can help them to evolve at a faster rate than when you try them on your own.

This whole blog started as an experiment to try out new ideas, develop my Twitter skills and (if i’m honest) to show my old boss that my ideas had practical applications – its a long story.

The biggest thing that I have learned from all this is to give everything a go – try out new platforms, share new content and make new connections. If it goes wrong, own that and move on, but if you see that something is going right then consider what made it popular and replicate.

An apology and a thank you

I want to say a quick ‘sorry’ to everyone who visits the blog, as I know there haven’t been any new posts for a while. I started a new job recently and needed to focus there a little more. However, I hope to be back with regular fresh content from now on.

Finally, I wanted to thank Stephen Waddington, President of CIPR UK, for prompting me to come out of the shadows. He reminded me that transparency is essential in PR and that it was the first step to PR-ing PR, so thank you.

Hope you’ll all stick with the blog and I promise the next posts won’t be as indulgent as this one.


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