Why social media is an essential PR tool

Despite making great strides in its prominence, functionality and application in recent years, social media is commonly still considered the infant sibling of traditional media. And yet, for those using the right networks in the right way, social media represents the biggest opportunity to grow a business, sell a brand and develop a dedicated audience … Continue reading Why social media is an essential PR tool


Redefining PR

How many times have you had to explain what PR is to your friends, family and clients? Do you have a set definition or do you muddle through as they look increasingly bored and try to nod as if they understand? As part of the push to change the perception and reputation of the PR … Continue reading Redefining PR

Do PR People Deserve Our Sympathy?

An interesting insight into the wider perception of PR: We often make it a point to mock the very worst public relations people and pitches that we see, on the principle that mocking PR is an honorable and useful activity. But are we all being too hard on the poor PR peons themselves? Yes, argues … Continue reading Do PR People Deserve Our Sympathy?

PRCA celebrates ‘Victory In Europe over the NLA’

A message from the PRCA’s Director General: I am delighted to be able to inform you that the European Court of Justice has just handed down the final ruling in our four-year legal case against the NLA. The case, as you might recall, has been on one fundamental issue –the ability to distribute and access … Continue reading PRCA celebrates ‘Victory In Europe over the NLA’