How to make people care


Working in an agency, PR consultants have all sorts of brands and products coming across their desks, some of which sell themselves, while others will greatly challenge your creativity and pitching expertise.

So, how do you get a journalist and the general public to care about a product that they barely know exists?

An everyday must-have

While some products may seem utterly obscure or the everyday applications may seem mundane, it is essential to find the unique aspects of anything that you are promoting.

The first challenge is to make a journalist understand the importance of a product so that they can put it in their own words and help sell it to their audience. This can be achieved by providing a simple breakdown of the top five facts about the product, accompanied by a detailed overview of the more technical aspects.

I always find that looking at the brand or product as someone who may purchase it helps change your mindset. How have you lived without this item in your life and what difference will it make?

Standing out

Castrol is a perfect example. Few of us care which oil we put in our cars, but Castrol have made us more than pay attention this week with their latest promo video.

They have turned to rally ace Ken Block to show off the difference that their products can make to the performance of your car. In an incredibly well-shot and flashy video, they have changed the way we think about car oil and put their products firmly at the forefront of viewer’s minds.

Check out the video below for a little inspiration on how you can make people care about the products that you are promoting:


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