The importance of giving


We all know that successful business social media accounts are the ones that give back to their followers, but how can you gauge how much your are offering to your followers?

An intriguing platform,, has just launched that charts an account’s give and take ratios to show businesses how they can improve their engagement with their clients.

The platform takes into account a number of aspects of your Twitter account, such as how many people you follow compared to the number of people who follow you back, how often you retweet etc., to generate a score out of 100.

I am pleased to say that, as of this post, This is PRable currently has a 100/100 score. Check out the potential feedback that Giver or Taker provides below.

Ultimately this may just be a gimmick, but it is one that can help you take a fresh look at how to engage with your customers through social media…


An overview of your score on



Useful stats on follower to following ratios and retweets



Recent tweet & retweet examples


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