Comedian’s tweet sets up social media chain reaction for Dominos

Tyneside comedian Chris Ramsey took to Twitter to encourage @Dominos_UK to arrange for pizza to be delivered to him as he took a train from London to Newcastle, with the hashtag #PizzaOnATrain trending worldwide. After getting his 290,000 followers involved, including a few famous faces, the team at Dominos Doncaster took on the challenge, dropping … Continue reading Comedian’s tweet sets up social media chain reaction for Dominos


Measurement Week 2014

It has been a couple of months since AMEC announced the launch of Measurement Week - an industry initiative to turn the spotlight on the importance of PR measurement - and yet all has gone very quiet. I truly believe that this event could not be more timely or important. The PR industry is in … Continue reading Measurement Week 2014

How to make people care

Working in an agency, PR consultants have all sorts of brands and products coming across their desks, some of which sell themselves, while others will greatly challenge your creativity and pitching expertise. So, how do you get a journalist and the general public to care about a product that they barely know exists? An everyday … Continue reading How to make people care

Shock tactic

Getting your business message to stand out from the millions of other corporate stories online takes something special, but too many organisations are averse to taking a risk that could set them apart from the competition. It is the job of an agency to be brave and help a client understand the benefits from being … Continue reading Shock tactic