How to win at Twitter


Twitter accounts can become stale fast. In the ever-evolving world of social media, where a single tweet can go global in a matter of minutes, it is essential to keep a business account up to date.

While some still think there is a dark magic to social media success, the truth is that it is a simple formula: time + shareable content = growth.

Here are my top tips on how to get your account to the next level:


1)      Don’t be afraid to follow

There has long been a stigma attached to following others, and some businesses take great pride in not following anyone. While some may see this as exclusivity, others see it as being exclusionary and this may put people off. Look at @innocentdrinks – they have 189k followers but follow 25.6k, being friendly works!


2)      Promote your handle

Social media doesn’t have to be confined to online. Products, business cards, headed paper, company vehicles, pens, all these things should carry a Twitter handle. Why promote the name of a business without promoting an account that actually generates business. Show you’re switched on and care about social media


3)      Engage in conversation

We all hate the friend that only talks about themselves when you meet for a drink, so why should Twitter be any different. Talk to customers, other businesses and listen to what they are saying. They might not be talking about you right now, but there is always an opportunity jump in and start a conversation.


4)      Support sharing

People love content, but if they aren’t able to share, it is of no use at all. Twitter offers code to install the ‘Follow’ or ‘Share’ buttons on almost any website so go ahead and make it easy for people to connect with your business – after all, you wouldn’t build a shop without a door…


5)      Tweet shareable content

Twitter has changed greatly over the past year. While users are still happy to share content, they are looking for something new and opportunities to engage. Never be afraid to incentivise follows, with discounts or prizes – this is a classic way to drive engagement and everyone is doing it.

If you want to be different, however, challenge your followers to create something for you. Twitter users are highly creative and love the opportunity to share their talents. Offer them the opportunity to show off their skills and give them a suitable reward


6)      If in doubt, advertise

PR and advertising have long been at odds, fighting over clients and pulling in different directions. Yet Twitter advertising should be an integral part of the PR mix, particularly in the early stages of social media.

Using a pay-per-click model, ‘Promoted Accounts’ offer the opportunity to target potential customers or even journalists. Furthermore, once an account has been promoted, the Holy Grail of Twitter becomes unlocked: Twitter Analytics (cue angelic choral singing)

But more on this later…


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