Promoting creativity


The business community has long held the view that PR professionals only write press releases and add a little spin to corporate messages. Yet, as marketing and advertising firms increasingly offer PR as a service, it is the creativity of the PR industry that can really set it apart from the competition.

As we enter a new week, here are some top tips on how to promote creativity:


Time to be creative

With the demands of client work and the need to account for chargeable hours, few PR professionals have time to do anything other than to plough on with the work before them.

Setting aside time to be influenced by new ideas, products and new technologies is essential. Without expanding your horizons you will continue to do the same thing.

Try to set aside half an hour a day to keep in touch with the latest developments – not just in your clients’ and the wider PR industries, but in wider popular culture. Regular visits to PR websites will also keep you up-to-date with what your competitors are doing and provide the opportunity to source ideas for upcoming campaigns.



The rapid evolution of technology always presents new prospects for PR, but keeping up with it can be a challenge.

Having regular team sessions to talk over new technology provides the opportunity for wider discussion and will raise awareness across the company, meaning that even the most tech-illiterate members of staff will be clued-up on the latest developments.

Take the time to try out new tech in your evenings. Familiarising yourself with new platforms, apps and devices will pay dividends when presenting to a client or taking your campaign to the next level.


Any idea is a good idea

This sounds like an utter cliché, but it is an absolute truth.

When brainstorming, allow everyone to talk and expand on their ideas. They might not have recognised the full potential of their idea and further perspective from the rest of the group can help refine it.

Ego has no place in creativity, so let everyone have their say and don’t shoot anyone down. It may be hard to be creative but it is incredibly easy to kill it forever if you are callous in your response.


Put the flip chart away

The most creative ideas flow and inspire further creativity. Nothing kills this more than waiting for someone to write out a watered-down version of this on a flip chart.

Invest in a dictaphone or a cheap video camera so that you can write up ideas in full at a later time. This will help to keep the ideas coming and keeps everyone in a creative frame of mind.


Incentivise good thoughts

As outgoing and gregarious as most PR professionals are, many are still hesitant to share their ideas with in front of a group.

Offering incentives for sharing ideas will help to bring people out of their shell. Something as small as a box of chocolates can help to build confidence, while offering new devices as a reward will help to reinforce the drive for playing with new technology.

Staff and their creativity are the greatest assets that a PR firm has. A little expenditure for a reward can have a massive pay off for the company


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