PR industry launches initiative to tackle measurement

The International Association for Measurement and Evaluation of Communication (AMEC) has announced plans to hold ‘Measurement Week’ in September 2014 to address the gap in understanding the value of PR measurement and how implement an effective framework for assessment.

As digital PR has changed the way we measure and track public relations forever, the need to develop a reliable and effective solution for non-digital PR has become more pronounced. Subsequently the PR industry is planning to move away from traditional methods of measurement, such as the much-debated advertising value equivalencies (AVEs), to the standards set out in the Barcelona Principles.

As part of Measurement Week (15-19 September), AMEC members throughout the world will hold a series of events in their countries with employees, clients and press to create better understanding around the latest thinking in measurement and analytics.

The event has already drawn support from the Chartered Institute for Public Relations and the International Communications Consultancy Organisation and is set to reignite a great debate that will surely shape the future of the communications industry.


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