Perfecting a pitch

Building relationships with journalists is the crux of any PR’s career and makes the difference between sporadic and reliable coverage. Producing a well-honed pitch is essential if you want to get your story out there. Here are some simple steps to nailing that ‘perfect pitch’. Brevity is a virtue Journalists have incredible demands on their … Continue reading Perfecting a pitch


Promoting a sustainable business environment

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change today issued its latest and most detailed assessment of climate change impact to date, which draws damning conclusions about the potentially ‘catastrophic’ effects of inaction. Businesses need to assess their sustainability credentials as part of a global mission to address climate change before it is too late. As Steve … Continue reading Promoting a sustainable business environment

Friday inspiration: Notable PR stunts

Looking for a little inspiration at the end of the week? Check out the following five PR stunts to unlock your creativity... 1. THE SELFIE SEEN AROUND THE WORLD Probably the biggest PR stunt of 2014 so far. Samsung’s PR stunt involved a smart phone, Ellen Degeneres and a host of famous faces. The selfie … Continue reading Friday inspiration: Notable PR stunts

Reputation, reputation, reputation

The PR and communications industry’s sole focus is on building the reputation of its clients, but is the sector doing enough to promote itself? With the lines between marketing, PR and advertising becoming increasingly blurred, the general public and business community has become progressively uncertain about the parameters and functions of each. While the effects … Continue reading Reputation, reputation, reputation

Augmented reality bus shelter by pepsi max creates unbelievable scenarios

Pepsi max has surprised commuters with their ‘unbelievable’ AR installation at a bus shelter on new Oxford Street in London. the intervention locates a special real-time display on the exterior face of a billboard wall, which visualizes a realistic augmented live stream of exaggerated events from the inside. from a giant robot crashing through the … Continue reading Augmented reality bus shelter by pepsi max creates unbelievable scenarios

Virtual media a $2 billion reality

Facebook has today continued its technological spending spree, shelling out over $2 billion for virtual reality start-up Oculus VR. Alongside the maturation of augmented reality, virtual reality is fast becoming the next big technology. While the communications benefits of the former are clear to see (particularly for attention-grabbing PR stunts), virtual reality is still finding … Continue reading Virtual media a $2 billion reality